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1/2 day course - £75

This dynamic, interactive workshop is about helping you to create the impact you want to create. The focus is on voice, body language and effective communication.

We all know someone who seems able to swan around at
a party making effortless conversation with everyone, someone who never trips up on their words or gets tongue-tied, someone who seems gracefully to command attention whenever they speak. But if you, like many women, feel that sometimes you are not listened to, that your voice falters when you are nervous or that sometimes you are not taken seriously then the Voice & Poise course is for you.

Your voice is your instrument to play as you choose and during a morning session with us you will learn the basics of playing it well. Using a range of methods we teach you how to control and use your voice effectively, so that others listen and pay attention to what you say.

‘Participating in a Zest  Express sessions is like  downing a potent energy tonic. You will leave feeling amazing, buzzing with ideas, full of ambition and brimming with joy’

A variety of exercises, which you can continue to practice at home, will enable you to create more variation and tonal interest, improve clarity and diction, and help your voice become the exciting tool you need it to be.

Voice & Poise specifically addresses issues that affect voice and communication in women (social stereotyping, expectations, gender roles and physical differences). We use different psychological models to help you access ways to change learned behaviour.

Through scenarios, role plays and exercises we show you how your body language can be more powerful than your words. We work on your stance, your mannerisms and your listening skills, all to improve communication and confidence. You will learn techniques that will enable you to remain calm and poised in stressful situations.

Voice & Poise Dates

Autumn 2010

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The Voice & Poise course runs from 9.30am to 1pm. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Cost includes course and materials, tea, coffee and refreshments.