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Don’t just take our word for it.

‘My expectations were nowhere near high enough.’

‘Thank you so much for this amazing experience. My expectations were nowhere near high enough. I thought I may learn a few things but I feel an enormous change has started within me. My confidence has doubled and I go away with dreams that I now know I can fulfil and will!’ Debbie, London

‘Refreshed and full of hope and new ideas for the future.’ Berit, Surrey

‘Thank you for my life-changing experience... I will be back...’ Marva, London

‘The food was spectacular, the accommodation palatial and the company a dream.’ Sally, Birmingham

‘...such a wonderful, inspiring, empowering and enlightening experience’

‘I used many of the techniques I learnt at Voice & Poise (probably looked very silly driving this morning doing my voice exercises but there aren’t many people on the road at 6.15am fortunately!!) and I have to say, it’s amazing how much more confident they make me feel and, I think, sound.’ Fiona, Woking

‘Thank you oh so much for launching the rest of my life!’ Donna, London

‘Useful in many day-to-day situations.’ Jane, Winchester

‘It went way beyond my expectations and was very positive.’ Penny, Bournemouth

‘Life skills which you can use and surprisingly do use day-to-day.’ Rose, London

‘I felt excited and intrigued.’ Alex, Bristol

‘Thank you both so much for a truly amazing weekend full of life skills and fun. It is difficult to put in to words the feelings that built up during our stay but you provide such a wonderful, inspiring, empowering and enlightening experience – never to be forgotten... It was a great day when I met you.’ Debbie, Surrey