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1 day course - £100

Soul Spa Sunday is a sumptuous blend of our unique skills training with the latest in modern psychology and the ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophy. Soul Spa Sunday takes place at a four star hotel and includes Brunch and Sensory Afternoon Tea.

It is the ultimate mental retreat from the outside world. A day of personal development “treatments” to give you space and time to detox your mind and rejuvenate your life.

For seven blissful hours of indulgence we lead you through a personal exploration that will leave you feeling fully recharged and balanced. Your journey begins with a defining exercise to help you gain clearer understanding of who you are and where you want to be. We then set about teaching you how to get there, using a variety of interactive methods.

To soothe stresses you will learn powerful yet simple relaxation techniques, including a tension-relieving pressure point massage. You will be shown how to remain calm and poised in stressful situations to ensure you are able to communicate effectively.

‘Imagine if you actually did all those things you want to do, how different your life might be. Imagine the impact all those changes would have on your everyday existence.’

Soul Spa Sunday is a day created by women for women so we understand the pressures of family, relationships, work and domestic life. We will show you how to prioritise and achieve harmonious balance between all your commitments.

We will help you reenergize your breathing, improve your posture and revitalise your attitude. Through a range of activities we encourage you to challenge yourself and massage your way of thinking, enabling you to break through barriers that may have held you back. By inviting you to reflect on your life and guiding you through what you discover we help you identify your true passions and inspire you to indulge in them.

The size of the group is restricted so we will be able to tailor make your Soul Spa treatments, depending on your individual needs on the day.

Soul Spa Sunday includes brunch and Sensory Afternoon Tea. The day finishes with a glass of celebratory fizz, after which you will emerge feeling inspired, focused, calm and centered.

Soul Spa Sunday Dates

Autumn 2010

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Soul Spa Sunday runs from 10.00am to 5pm. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Cost includes course and materials, brunch, afternoon tea, plus tea, coffee and refreshments throughout the day.