Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy title

It’s not easy to describe the Catapult Club. There is simply nothing else like it. Words like life-changing, empowering, inspirational, the time of your life, all sound a bit clichéd, which is the one thing the Catapult Club definitely isn’t.

Our aim was to redefine personal development by making it glamorous and fun, and above all, relevant to the intelligent woman. Put simply, we think that improving your life should not involve punishing yourself. Change is a positive thing, brought on by action, and ought to be celebrated. Preferably in style.

In many ways the Catapult Club is the antithesis to self-help books. We share their popular belief that confidence comes from inner strength. But we think that to grow strong you need skills that can be relied on, whatever is thrown at you. Without any psychobabble or self-flagellation you will learn these skills from our team of experts.

The ethos of the Catapult Club is empowering women through teaching them skills. We studied strong powerful women and analysed the qualities that made them appear confident. We established that posture, body language, voice control and an air of assertiveness were among the key elements in these women. The skills that we teach develop and enhance these qualities.

Our unique residential experiences take place in gorgeous country mansions and, while we achieve extraordinary results, the emphasis is on indulgence and fun. Throughout your stay you will laugh a lot, eat delicious food, enjoy the well-stocked bar and make new friends. And of course, you just might change your life.

In addition to our unique residential experiences we offer short and intensive courses, held at convenient local venues. These courses cover a range of skills and are taught with the same enthusiasm and light touch that we apply on our longer residential experiences.