Fight Like a Girl

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1 day course - £120 (including lunch)

This is what the Catapult Club is all about: independence, assertiveness and confidence. In our one-day Fight Like A Girl course we teach a unique assertiveness and self defence system that anyone can learn.

Our training is based on the simple fact that fear has a huge physical effect on the body. Fear causes a surge of adrenalin, an automatic reaction to stress. Your heart rate and blood pressure increase, sending more oxygen and blood sugar to help power vital muscles.
Your pupils dilate, body hair stands on
end, you can experience tunnel vision and
you might even find it difficult to hear.

All of these responses are part of your body’s natural self-defence system, designed to help you fight harder and run faster. But as anyone who has ever been frightened knows, this rush of hormones can have a disabling effect, causing you to freeze or become “paralyzed” with fear.

‘This day course could not only change your life, one day it could quite literally save your life.’

We will teach you how to override the body’s fear response and to use the adrenalin surge to your advantage. We do this by teaching you simple techniques alongside a series of stress-inducing scenarios to build up your adrenalin levels.

You learn while you are adrenalised, replicating
real-life fear in a safe and supportive environment.
A day with us will recondition your natural fear and
freeze response into a positive response of amazing strength and power.

Being able to defend yourself when faced with danger is not the only benefit of Fight Like A Girl. By learning a new response to stressful situations you will become more assertive in other areas of your life. We take you through assertiveness exercises, that you can use in many situations, whether it’s at work, at home or simply complaining in a restaurant.

True self-defence really is the most empowering skill you can acquire. Knowing you can take care of yourself is a liberating feeling. This day course could not only change your life, one day it could quite literally save your life.

Fight Like a Girl Dates

Autumn 2010

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The Fight Like a Girl course runs from 9.30am to 5pm. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Cost includes course and materials, lunch, tea, coffee and refreshments.