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We are Emelie and Louise, two sisters, who set up the Catapult Club to give women an intelligent option for self-improvement. We are passionate about women feeling great about themselves and getting the absolute most from their lives. We believe the best way for women to feel fabulous is to have skills that they can rely on.

The inspiration for the Catapult Club came from Emelie attending a Krav Maga self-defence course for women.

“After just one session I underwent a fundamental change and suddenly I could walk through a car park at night without looking over my shoulder. Control had been handed back to me and I knew that if someone threatened me I was no longer powerless to respond. I wanted all women to experience this liberation.”

We both still practice Krav Maga and its underlying principle of personal liberation continues to shape our business. We are constantly learning and seeking out new and exciting skills for our clients. We hand-pick the best techniques and methods for our clients, to provide a broad range of super, practical skills.

As sisters, we both love throwing parties and have enjoyed organising unique hen weekends for friends (and each other!). We incorporate life-changing skills training with a fantastic weekend experience to create a house party feel - where the food is a treat, the wine is on tap and laughter is plenty.

To ensure women who are unable to get to one of our residential experiences can also benefit, we also provide shorter courses locally throughout Southern England.

Seeing our guests emerge inspired, empowered and happy from their experience is our biggest reward. Receiving feedback and thank you cards from remarkable women whom we’ve had the privilege of meeting is always humbling. It is an honour to be a part of someone’s private emotional journey.